Tired of scratched, bent or broken sunglasses? Look no further!

Never look for your glasses again

$7.33 for each two pieces ordered from June 14-July 14 will be donated to victims of the Orlando shootings (minus taxes if applicable) 

  1. Saves time
    Tired of the hunt for a good pair of glasses?
  2. Saves money
    Tired of having to replace expensive glasses?
  3. Saves frustration
    Tired of broken and lost glasses?
  4. Saves your glasses
    You need The Klippy!
Just use a Klippy and your problems are solved!!!
Affordable, easy to use! Easily find sunglasses.
Prevent scratches, bent and broken sunglasses
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Tommy M. from New York, NY 

Michelle R. Of Minnesota says: 

Robert P. from Florida says: 

I'm so grateful for the klippy! It's saved me from having to buy new sun glasses all the time. It is more cost effective to get the Klippy than constantly having to buy a new pair of sunglasses!
I discovered Klippy years ago and absolutely love it! I've shown it to friends and relatives and they also think it's a perfect solution if you need to store glasses in your car. I've had one in my car for around 8 years and it works perfectly. When I contacted the inventor to get more so I could share with others, he was so helpful and kind. I completely endorse this product! 
I would like to thank the klippy. Neat little device, cool idea. I've, lost or damaged I don't know how many pairs of sunglasses in my car. They kept sliding off the dash or falling off the seat and getting broken. Now, with the klippy, no more problems. I always know where they are. After seeing how this simple little clip saved me heartache and expensive sunglasses, I bought my wife and kids one. They also love the little clip. Try it, you'll like it, lol. Neat idea. Glad I found it. 

Matt M. from California

Great product! No more glasses getting scratched from rolling around in the car. Very good quality too. My klippy is still going strong in its third car now. Love it! 
The Original Klippy

Say goodbye to bent, scratched, broken, and lost sunglasses

If you've ever worn sunglasses in a car, then you know how much of a challenge it can be to keep you glasses in a safe place inside the vehicle when you don't need it. How many times have you placed your sunglasses on your seat when you get home and totally crush it when you get back in your car the following day - because you totally forgot that it was there! Good quality sunglasses don't come cheap and it's the worst feeling when you find your beloved pair of sunglasses scratched, bent, or cracked because you can't find a good place to safely keep it inside your vehicle. Buying new glasses every time it gets damaged (or smashed) inside your car is no fun - especially with the high prices associated with quality sunglasses, not to mention signature glasses for those who love to stay in fashion. If you agree that something needs to be done to solve this problem, then you're exactly where you should be!
Klippy is a specially designed sunglass holder that clips to your vehicle's air vent and holds your sunglasses safely and securely. Made entirely in the USA from high quality materials, The Original Klippy works on all types of glasses and can be used on all types of vehicles. Now, you no longer have to worry about broken,bent, damaged, or missing sunglasses in your car. The Klippy securely holds them in place so they safe and sound right where they should be - within your reach but out of danger.

If you own a car, then getting The Original Klippy should be a no brainer. It's a must in every vehicle because of its simple yet very important function. What's more, the Klippy is the perfect gift for friends and loved ones going through the same problems you once had. It's also a very attractive corporate giveaway owing to its quality, usefulness, and affordable price!